Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Heart Macro

This weeks "I Heart Macro" shot is of our neighborhood kitty.  Her owner named her Mitzy, but when she visits our house, we call her Fatty (you can't tell in this picture, but she's quite large).  She's a beautiful cat and she adores the attention that my son and granddaughter give her.

Please join Lori Plyler of Studio Waterstone and check out all of the "I Heart Macro" entries.  It's great fun, so add your own macro or up close picture while you're there!

studio waterstone

Have a great Sunday!


  1. I love me some kitties and "Fatty" is so sweet! She has an adorable face!

  2. Well Hello Miss Fatty Cat - what an adorable shot of her face - So Sweet! We have a lady next door to us that has 2 cats, just had 6 kittens, and they all come running over to my house the minute I step outside, and end up circling my feet. It's hilarious! I can hardly move once they plant themselves right under me. I am so glad to have found your blog {came from Waterstone} it is truly lovely!

  3. Adorable. My cat won't sit still long enough to pose!

  4. pretty kitten! I have one like her too!

  5. My kitties are my best helpers and they actually pose quite nicely too(if they feel like it).

  6. Love the kitty pic. But then what's not to love about kitties?


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