Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Heart Macro Sunday

Come join Lori at Studio Waterstone for I Heart Macro.
studio waterstone

Take a macro/up-close photo and join the fun!

These are pictures of new growth in my garden.

I love when I see signs of life in my garden! 
It's as if everything is waking from the long, winters slumber, stretching and reaching for the warmth of the sun.
Hope this is the start of a wonderful week for each of you!


  1. Oh I love all the new growth, too. The pictures are great. Thanks for participating and have a great Sunday.

  2. Very pretty! That's why I love spring!!

  3. Wonderful use of depth of field to accentuate the new growth! Nature provides endless inspiration... These are just beautiful.

  4. Oh these are gorgeous shots! There's nothing like new growing things, is there?

  5. I esp. love the little leaves unfurling (the 1st pic). Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yes ! it looks like everyhting in about to burst! I love the little pagoda in your banner. That's a great picture too!