Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Heart Macro July 10, 2011

Can you guess what this is?
 This is the eye of a painting by artist Jim Brace, who is a friend of my husband.  When I first saw this painting, I fell in love.  Besides loving the colors, the painting reminded me of my youth.  Being the nostalgic dork that I am, I really wanted to buy it, but being the frugal/practical dork that I am, didn't think we could afford it at the time.  My Sweetie Pie of a husband, knowing how much I wanted the painting, worked out a deal with Jim and bought the painting for me.

This is the rest of the painting.  If you can't tell or are not familiar with, the painting is of guitarist and musician, Jimi Hendrix.

Click the link below to check out the other Macro/Up close photos posted to the day!

studio waterstone
Enjoy your day!


  1. I'm so excited to actually have a photo this time for I Heart Macro!

    OMG! How very cool! I love how you showed the far-back!

  2. Once again fooled by the macro - I originally thought it was a fish! LOl

    Happy Sunday!

  3. I had no idea what it was and never would have guessed an eye! What a great painting and what a great hubby to buy it for you! :)

  4. What a sweet husband! He's a keeper. You had me fooled.

  5. Wow - the macro shot you would never have guessed it was an eye. Love the shot! Also your husband is a keeper!

  6. I like the blue and purple. you had me fooled, I thought it was a water scene.

  7. Oh wow intresting Macro! You sy=ure fooled the eye at first lol!

  8. That's great! I agree...the colors would've had me right away. It's so great that your sweetie hooked you up!

  9. Pretty wild! Jim does nice work (as did Jimmy).


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