Saturday, March 31, 2018

Art Elements March 2018 Nest Theme Challenge

Cathy Spivey Mendola is sponsoring the March Art Elements Challenge and has chosen the theme "nest" for our inspiration.

I have been making jewelry for so long and really wanted to try something different for the challenge.  The only problem in focusing on jewelry for so long, is not developing the skills needed for other art mediums.  I can now say that I've tried something new and I had some fun experimenting and learning.

My first idea was to research the word "nest".  This lead to looking up the synonym of the word and then looking up the word in other languages (home, nidus, shelter, comfort, abode, gnezdo, bo, nyth, nid, nido, nesuto, sanctuary, nich....).  I wanted to make something using one of the mint tins that I have been saving.  I printed various words for "nest" on a coffee filter and cut strips to make a nest.  I recycled an birthday card as the backing for the tin.  The bird, red bead and feather were made by Gaea.

In doing my research of "nest" I remembered that there are other types of nests besides the ones made by birds.  This gave me an idea for a small assemblage project.  I used a small box lined with collage paper that has a fine print and a hive pattern, a yellow jacket nest that I had collect last summer and some Tim Holtz Alpha Dice spelling out "NEST".

Next, I tried painting a nest on a rock.  Although I wasn't very happy with how my idea turned out, I would like to practice more with this technique.

As I was getting my post ready I had that feeling that I needed to do one more thing.  I do need some earrings to wear for Easter.  And, I just happen to have some nest charms!  So I made a quick pair of earrings using some Easter egg colored beads.

I also want to share a picture of my cat, Fatty, nesting in my tool bag.  She prefers to be in my lap, hence the angry look.


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  1. Kym-I think you had a great idea when you decided to fill your tiny box with a nest. Your Easter earrings are perfect for spring. I love the colors.

  2. I love to see all the diverse projects you created for this theme! My favorite is the bees nest, that is just lovely! (and yes, I am one of those persons who like insects ;) )

  3. That's a lovely variety of projects! I love the idea for your tin project - for some reason, it made me think of the power of words. I also like the unassuming earrings - they're so pretty and seasonal.

  4. You are so right, Kym, I have neglected all other crafts I was doing for jewelry making. What a thorough approach, I'm impressed! That tin nest is a fabulous idea that embraces so many meanings of the word. I like each and every nest of yours! What a gorgeous cat!

  5. What a great assortment of projects and media. I was sure mine would be the only post with bee or wasp nests. I should have known there were others out there who appreciate such things. Love you cat's photo too.

  6. What a lovely collection, I really love the hive piece!

  7. I agree with Tammy. You have made a great assortment of projects with various media. It makes me feel that I have neglected other craft techniques to focus on my day job and jewelry making

  8. You had a lot of wonderful ideas for this theme. I think my favorite is the mint tin shrine with the nest made from papers printed with words for nest-clever! The hive is really cute also. And I love your cat nesting in your tool box! Thanks for playing along this month.

  9. I love the altered tin pendant! The little nest of papers is so cute.

  10. This post makes me so so happy! I am thrilled that the idea took you to so many places! That you researched, and percolated and experimented. If I had a vision for these themed challenges and their results? It’s this. { and very similar to how I work...}

    Having said that- I love the rock. Bc you really were playing and experimenting. The earrings are good fun. The assemblages are right up my alley. So creative, so productive! I hope you will join us for April: horses.

  11. Thank you for playing along with us! I love all your interpretations, but man, cats sometimes have the weirdest idea of what makes a comfortable nest, don't they?!?!

  12. Great to see such a wide range of media and I particularly like the bee assemblage. However I think "Fatty is probably my favourite since I get that exact look of distain from my cat Cleo!

  13. So many fun projects! I really like your yellow jacket/wasp nest piece and your earrings are so sweet and perfect for Easter!

  14. Love ALL your nest interpretations, and Fatty was in his own nest!