Friday, May 9, 2014

My Soup Ingredients Have Arrived!

My bead soup ingredients actually arrived several weeks ago and I had started the blog post, but never published it (D'oh!), which I discovered when I logged in to work on my BSBP Hop post.  So, before you see my Bead Soup creations on May 10th, below are the wonderful ingredients that I received from my BSBP partner, Lauren Potts.

Lauren was very generous, sending ingredients for two soups, one in beautiful blues, purples and greens and another in lovely earth tones. She also included extra beads and pendants for future inspiration!
And, since I know that Lauren has already received her package from me, below is picture of the soup ingredients that I sent.
Please join me for the Bead Soup Blog Party reveal on May 10th to see what I was inspired to make with Lauren's soup ingredients!

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