Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Heart Macro October 2, 2011

Over the years I have collected various plants, shrubs, trees and bulbs from family and friends.  My mother in-law gave me the bulbs that produced the flowers below.  Blooming in the fall, I usually forget about them until this time of year, when I see the spear like stems emerging from the ground and then the beautiful flowers that follow a few weeks later.

I have always simply called them Spider Lilies and until now, never thought to research them.  Per Wikipedia, they are called Lycoris radiata (red spider lily) and are in the amaryllis family.  Wikipedia has some very interesting information regarding the origin of the flower and some legends about the flower, some being quite sad. 

"Red Spider Lilies are the alarm clock for the sleeping South." – Chris Wiesinger

Please click on the button below to see macro pictures posted by other talented photographers!

studio waterstone

Enjoy your week!


  1. I am always so amazed every week when I see the extensive varieties of flowers. Beautiful.

  2. stunning photos and what a wonderful lily.....

  3. beautiful lily :D
    have a wonderful sunday

  4. These flowers are so unique and absolutely gorgeous. I love the black and white shot especially.

  5. What a beautiful flower! I didn't realize it was a fall flower...I'll have to look for some! I think the b&w photo is stunning!

  6. Kym, I love your shots of this amazing southern lily, they are all over my yard and I just love them.

  7. Excellent flower, I love the colors and the excellent texture.

  8. Those are all so lovely! I think I'm really liking that black and white!

  9. What an exotic flower - just beautiful. I'm particularly loving the black and white shot. It seems to give more attention to the details. Plus B&W shots rock. :)

  10. These photos are gorgeous, mom! Seriously. I love the bokeh in the third one.

    Your photography skills have definitely grown since I first gave you that camera :)


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