Sunday, October 20, 2013

Art Jewelry Elements Blog

Art Jewelry Elements

If you haven't already visited Art Jewelry Elements blog, you should definitely do so.  The AJE Team is made up of several very talented and creative women, some of (or all of) whom you are probably already familiar with.  The AJE Team's posts are always informative and you can also find a wealth of information on the Free Tutorials & Favorite Posts page.

Each month AJE has a Component of the Month reveal, where one of the contributors has made a component for each of the team members and a couple of randomly chosen giveaway winners.  For the October Component of the Month, I was one of the lucky giveaway winners of Kristy Bowman's beautiful copper Ammonite component.

When I recieved the component in the mail, I already had several ideas and want to get to work right away on my reveal piece.  I did remembered to take a few pictures of the component first and borrowed a couple of my husbands fossils as photo props.

 The component is gorgeous and I love the texture and the wonderful colors that Kristi was able to create in each piece.

The blog reveal will be on Wednesday October 30th.  Please visit the AJE blog and my blog to see what everyone made with Kristi's component.

Enjoy your week!


  1. Thanks so much Kym, I love your photos!!!

  2. What a beautiful component & your props are perfect! I made a bracelet with a similar focal by Kristi and I really treasure that piece.