Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lovely Satin-finished Copper Beads

In mid March, Rings & Things had a design challenge contest and for 15 lucky participants, these beautiful, satin-finished copper beads were the prize. 
Brushed copper beads
Guess what? I was one of the lucky participants chosen to receive a packet of these beauties! I love copper and texture, so I was in hog heaven when I opened my package! I've had a great time creating and now it's time to share some pictures.

For the first piece, I used the two 27mm, oval copper beads.  These beads are gorgeous, with wonderful texture, but still have a shinny finish.

For the necklace below, I dapped a couple of the striped disks to make bead caps.  Throughout the necklace I used some of the satin-finished copper rounds and wavy disks.

 For the ring pictured below, I used one of the lovely, copper puffed flower beads, with one of the striped disks for the base.

 I have a couple more designs in the works and will post those pictures this next week.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Kym,
    I wanted to respond back to your comment but your email address isn't set in your blogger profile :) Would you send me a quick email?


  2. Congratulations! Those copper beads are gorgeous, I'm going to have to get some! Your pieces turned really pretty.

  3. oooh every thing is beautiful, i love brushed silver and gold, i've never seen brushed copper though, it's lovely, you've used it so well in your pieces

  4. Oh my, congratulations on those copper beads! You have quite a selection to pull from. I love your I am sure you will be designing some awesome pieces with those copper beads!